The Verdict On Spy: Is It Worth Your Money??


Rating: 4/5 Stars

Cast: Melissa McCarthy (Susan Cooper), Jason Statham (Rick Ford), Jude Law (Bradley Fine), Rose Byrne (Rayna Boyanov), Miranda Hart (Nancy), Bobby Cannavale (De Luca), Allison Janney (Elaine Crocker), and Peter Serafinowicz (Aldo)

Director: Paul Feig

Synopsis: Cooper is a desk-bound CIA agent and the voice in Bradley Fine’s earpiece that protects him via satellite as he undertakes his tasks in the field. When Fine was assassinated by Boyanov, the hilarious Cooper decides to take the spot and save the world as she searches for the nuclear bomb around Paris, Budapest, and Rome.


Forget Bridesmaids and The Heat, McCarthy has now returned in what seems to be a celebration of her comical success with Director Feig in this Spy Film. If you want to keep laughing all the way to the credits, this comedy-action hybrid is definitely made to impress you viewers.

Spy revolves around the character of Cooper, a desk-bound agent whose role is to guide and assist CIA agents via satellite. This is exactly what she does when Bradley Fine unfortunately fails in his mission causing him to be assassinated by one of the film’s villains, Rayna Boyanov played by Byrne. That sounds unlikely for the hero to perish, right? Wrong, Spy celebrates McCarthy’s character as the hero behind all the CIA agents including Rick Ford, so when he too was compromised, Cooper decides to abandon her desk and play like a serious, professional spy in search of a nuclear bomb.

Happily, the film is not void of surprises. In fact, Jason Statham is a revelation. No one expected him to be as funny as he is, performing alongside McCarthy. Additionally, Byrne’s unforgettable scenes are also one of the many highlights of this film, which make it all the more exciting and entertaining.

Whoever doubts women’s appeal in comedy clearly has not the eyes of Feig who impressively proves that McCarthy, despite how the society wants to perceive her, is a bankable star who can do comic roles even way better than anyone believed. If her humour is not enough, wait until you see Byrne and McCarthy in the scene together. Their chemistry in throwing hilarious insults and no-holds-barred exchange of cruel jokes is evidently one of the most uproarious elements in Spy.

Comedy film lovers will definitely get their money’s worth and more. Don’t take it wrong, Spy is a serious undercover film gracefully injected with McCarthy’s undeniable humour. Director Feig ensures that the spy story also gets the spotlight that it deserves and his directorial ability mixed with his stars’ excellent performances is sure to keep the audience engaged and entertained.

While most stars shy away from underrated roles, McCarthy and Feig have shown that there is power in all types of characters, especially now that their team has delivered a real deal. McCarthy, on the other hand, has finally found her spot in the list of coveted stars. Is Spy worth your money? Laugh your way to the cinema and find out!

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