The Verdict On Ted 2: Is It Worth Your Money??


Rating: 3/5 Stars

Cast: Seth MacFarlane (Ted), Amanda Seyfried (Samantha Leslie Jackson), Mark Wahlberg (John Bennett), Giovanni Ribisi (Donny), Jessica Barth (Tami-Lynn), Morgan Freeman (Patrick Meighan), and John Carroll Lynch (Tom Jessup)

Director: Seth MacFarlane

Synopsis: In this Ted Sequel, Newlywed Tami-Lynn and Ted decide to have a baby but their physical limitation prevents them from living a normal couple life. Of course, Ted is considered a property but their desire to raise a child has led them to consider other options such as adopting a baby. Ted seeks the help of his friend John which results to a bunch of zaniness and broken relationship as he fights to be treated as human.


Followers of MacFarlane humour just gained a reason to rejoice as TED 2 opens in cinemas with a promise of laugh-worthy moments and a supposedly improved plot. Directed by MacFarlane himself who also produced the film and co-wrote the screenplay, together with Wellesley Wild and Alec Sulkin, Ted 2 has left some moviegoers raising their eyebrows for what seems to be a lame narrative that is barely comparable to its predecessor.

Ted 2 revolves around the titular character Ted who marries his partner Tami-Lynn. The couple has just started their lives together but decides that having a baby will complete the picture. It sounds logical and truthful but things won’t be easy as Ted cannot reproduce considering his status. He then seeks the help of his friend John whom he now finds addicted to pornography. As the two waltzed their way around the scenes that tackle their relationship issues, marijuana, and racial jokes, the film begins to plummet into a scattershot screenplay and less charming turn of events.

MacFarlane’s signature humour cannot be missed. It spurts from the moment the film rolls and reaches as far as the moviegoers linger on their seats. Ted 2 like any other film series is ideal for those who followed Ted’s journey from the very beginning. It remains entertaining and is filled with sharp comedic artistry that may not be appealing for others who are not used to MacFarlane’s style. The story continues with what has been started in the first film, only this time, John is separated from Lori but is set to find a new romance in the character of Sam. Seyfried, though does not do much in front of the camera, is a great addition to the cast while Wahlberg, unlike in the first film, may have to shy away from the limelight this time. The cast delivers well, from the main characters to cameo roles; each has served an effective backdrop to Ted’s hard-hitting comedy.

Is Ted 2 worth catching? Other than his unimpressive references to sickle-cell anemia and a bombardment of unacceptable black jokes, revisiting MacFarlane in this Ted sequel still promises the same Ted and John chemistry.

Ted 2 has parts that are truly entertaining. While the plot appears less charming and inferior to its predecessor, the dose of laughter encapsulated in this 115-minute take is a moment worth checking.

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