Sarah Michelle Gellar Just Recreated An Iconic “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Episode On Instagram And WOW


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Sarah Michelle Gellar has just posted a throwback photo in her Instagram account and it was EPIC.

Sarah posted a photo of herself wearing a formal dress under a leather jacket on Thursday with the caption: “All dressed up and nowhere to go” and fans immediately recognised her outfit because it was the dress that her Buffy Summers wore to the prom on the first season finale.

The episode “Prophecy Girl,” which first aired June 2, 1997, was, in fact, the night Buffy first died, but then we all know that she came back to life anyway. Check it out courtesy of Sarah’s Instagram:


A Twitter fan also posted a side-by-side comparison of Gellar from the episode and it definitely put us on a trip down the memory lane. Check it out below courtesy od Buffay the Vampire slayer:


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