The Sydney Multicultural Film Awards Finalists 2021: The Complete List

SMFA (Sydney Multicultural Film Awards) is excited to announce the list of nominees and finalists for the 2021 Sydney Multicultural Film Awards. The festival received over 110 film submissions from directors and producers all over the world across 15 categories and is set to announce the official winners on November 20th, 2021.

SMFA is an award ceremony that celebrates the talent coming from creatives from all around the world, with a focus on inclusion, diversity, and multiculturalism. Set in Sydney, this festival offers a beautiful backdrop and home to the awards ceremony.

In its first year, the festival will be online due to the current lockdown in Australia, however, it will be a spectacular face-to-face event in the following years.

After considering a strong field of 110 submissions, our judges have voted to determine this year’s nominees and finalists. These submissions represent the best and most affecting short films to come out of the past year.

“We are honoured to see a plethora of films from around the world. Everything from music videos, to short films to animation. We are delighted to uphold universal messages, despite cultural, language barriers.” Director of Sydney Multicultural Film, Maryrose Salubre said.

All films from the finalists are going to be featured by the official media partner, TV1 Australia. SMFA is excited to finally announce the list of nominees and finalists for the 2021 Sydney Multicultural Film Awards. Our nominees tell a story of overcoming adversity, empowerment, and individuality.

Finalists For Best Original Score

Happy Birthday Dear
The Ribbon

Finalists For Best Cinematography

A Section from Troy
You Are The One
A Cry For Help

Finalists For Best Editor

You Are The One

Finalists For Best Short Film Documentary

Dajla: cinema and oblivion- Arturo Dutas Herrero (Spain)
Refugee’s welcome, Kostiantyn Mishchenko
Pacing the Pool, Jay Jay Jegathesan, (Australia)

Finalists For Best Short Animation

The Leaf, Leonardo S
Painting By Numbers, Radheya Jegatheva (Australia)
Ballad of Pipe and Necklace- Steve Price, United Kingdom

Finalists For Best Experimental

TalkingWe Is Easy, Being Us – JOESÉR ALVAREZ, ARIANA BOAVENTURA (Brazil)
Below A Dark Wood – Bill Slovick (United States)

Finalists For Best Music Video

Stevan, Hope It’s Not – Jedi Kang
G.O.F – Fairy Temple – Radheya Jegatheva
Leave It On The Line – Teddy Grossman (Australia)
From What You Left Behind- – Benjamin Murphy
A Little Déjà Vu- Jonathan Galland (United States)
WHERE I’M FROM – Christopher Ortiz (United States)

Finalists For Best Short Film

Tyrannosaur and the Secret Garden (Director’s Cut), Steve Price (United States)
Sorrow, Stefan Teofilovic, (Serbia)
Holestepper, Oswaldo Salsa (Peru)
Karmina, Wiktor Ejsmont (Poland)
Other, Samantha Jean (United States)
Mr.Sisyphus, Jedi Kang (Korea)
Ceci N’est Pas Une Pomme (This is Not An Apple), Miguel Sebastian Romero
A Cry For Help, Escalante Lundy (United States)

Finalists For Best Supporting Actor

Red Sin – Owen Hu
Akebo – Aurore Girabanyu, Elizabeth Munezero, Mubarak Athumani, Princesse Kundwa

Finalists For Best Supporting Actress

Other- Samantha Jean
Self Therapy – Luca Leyers, Ine Schoemans

Finalists For Best Director

Harmonica – Ülkü Sönmez (Turkey)
Ceci N’est Pas Une Pomme (This is Not An Apple) – Miguel Sebastian Romero (Australia)
You Are The One – Filip Sertic
Story of A Story – Debajit Banerjee (Australia)
RedSin – Wiktor Ejsmont (Poland)

Finalists For Best Actress

Ce N’est Pas Une Pomme – Shirley Kim Nguyen
Other – Mandie Cheung (United States)
Akebo – Donne Ngabo (Australia)

Finalists For Best Actor

Soul Catcher – Jay Jay Jegathesan
Road.Dogs – Wol Riak (Krown)
Sisyphus – Sungwoo Kang
The Writer’s Journey – Flip Sertic (United States)

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