Michael Acland’s ‘Cuckoo’s Den’ Shines Bright at Exclusive Ritz Cinema Premiere

“Cuckoo’s Den,” the highly anticipated feature-length film produced by MagicMakersGroup, made its premiere on Tuesday, 9th April at the prestigious Ritz Cinemas, Randwick. The event attracted high-profile individuals and garnered significant attention within the entertainment industry.

Executive produced by Michael Acland, “Cuckoo’s Den” presents a gripping narrative centered around the seven deadly sins embodied by Alexander Voronin, the head of a transnational crime family operating within the hidden underworld of Sydney, Australia. As karma seeks revenge on Alex, he faces the ultimate test of resilience after losing everything he loves. The film explores the depths of human nature and the possibility of redemption in the face of devastation.

The premiere event commenced with a red carpet reception at 6:00 PM, offering media opportunities and a chance for attendees to mingle before the screening. Hosted at the historic Ritz Cinemas, a Heritage-listed Art Deco-era venue renowned for its commitment to quality mainstream and arthouse films, the premiere provided an immersive cinematic experience for guests.

Starcentral magazine was among the special guests invited to attend the premiere, courtesy of Michael Acland, providing additional buzz and excitement surrounding the event. Check out some of the photos from the premiere courtesy of Dave Choo:

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