Musician of the Year for 2012!

Whether you call Terry Chen a YouTube sensation, a child prodigy (his family got him “addicted” to music) or StarCentral Magazine’s Musician of the Year for 2012, his beginnings in music is nothing less than a humble one – “As a little kid, I would always crawl under the piano while my mother or brother was playing. I loved how it sounded; it was like a love at first sight moment…”  From under that piano came a musician of enormous talent, passion and drive.  He was introduced to the world at 9 years old when he won his first piano competition in his home country of Taiwan.  “It was the first time I’ve stepped onto a big stage with just the piano and myself under the spotlight….I still remember the feeling of nerve and excitement when I walked up and sat down in front of that particular grand piano.”


The 17-year old (now with his family residing in Canada) must be doing something right.  His YouTube channel has already garnered nearly 7,700,00 views with over 18,500 subscribers!  To Terry, this support, along with his absolute love for music, are the reasons he continues with his career as passionately as he does.  “…I wouldn’t be where I am right now, they keep me wanting to continue my music and taking it to the next level…”  His love for his craft has seen him complete both a 5-week Summer Program at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, as well as open (with his good friends, Ray Gibson, Jarren Louie and Jon Tucker) for another YouTube sensation, Tyler Ward in November 2012 when he performed in Vancouver.   “Getting the privilege to open for one of my idols was an experience that I will never forget, and not to mention how awesome his fans were.”


The multi-talented musical prodigy (he plays 6 instruments!) and fitness fanatic (“I have a 5 day/week weight & cardio training schedule…”), counts performing in front of an audience one of the best things about being a musician.  “It’s a pleasure to watch the audience get lost in the music with me, and feel the moment; it’s the best feeling ever…imagine being able to do something that you love while creating something positive with the people around you, that’s exactly what performing is like for me.”  While he has plans to attend a good university that specializes in music as well as continue to create videos  and share his talent through YouTube, Terry also admits to dreaming of a simpler life sometimes – “…to be honest, I love to eat and sleep, I miss those times as a kid when I could sleep as much as I wanted, and when I wake up, I start eating… and repeat…”


Photos by: Charles Chen

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