Musician of the Month for March 2013!

No matter what label one may apply to Hayley Ebenstiner (aka Hayley Ebbs), StarCentral Magazine’s Musician of the Month for March 2013 – musician, singer, songwriter – there is no denying that she is one talented young lady.  The level of proficiency that she has displayed on the piano would lead one to assume that it is the result of hours of formal lessons, but this is where Hayley astounds.  It’s all done by ear.  It’s a talent that was discovered when she only 4 years old, honed with the help of music teacher, John Dean and sharpened by Hayley’s own determination and focus – “…I could not read music, and still to this day choose not to go through the process of reading music; I like to learn things on my own and realized without notes I can still learn a song by listening to the music…”


It is through YouTube that Hayley shares her incredible talent but “…I have done a few live performances in front of family and friends…”  One such performance was when she performed ‘Let It Be’ at her grandmother’s ‘celebration of life’ after her passing in 2009.  She also played one of her original songs in front of the family and friends of her singing teacher, Patricia Burnett, alongside her best friend, Sydney Balston (who also co-wrote the song).  “…Pat is an amazing music teacher and is multi-talented. She can also play pretty much any instrument by ear…”



While the 19-year old Canadian is clearly passionate about her music and dreams of being in the music industry, she does share her heart with another dream – that of becoming a Youth Counsellor.  “…I am currently in university studying fine arts but want to major in Counselling… to help kids and families solve their problems…”  Whichever career she pursues, or even decides to combine both, Hayley knows that her family will always be by her side – “…My family is very supportive in everything and anything I do, and they have always been there to help me. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have the confidence to pursue my music career…”  And it is a career no doubt filled with amazing promise.

Photos by:  Hayley Ebenstiner

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