How To Use Social Media And Search Engine Optimization To Drive Your Business


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Good positioning on search engines is all about unique quality content that has been well linked and well shared to other sites. By sharing your content on social media sites, you have more chances to be liked on Facebook, shared pin on Pinterest, or retweeted on Twitter. Links are essential for good SEO. In line with this, posting your content on social media sites will provide a link from the website to yours, and in all cases, it can be targeted to a particular web page such as particular service, product, or article. This will ensure that the Google would index the web page, adding it to the database, and making sure it will be found on the search engines.

Best social media site for your business

In order to find the best social media sites that are suited best to your business, consider what your business wants to do. If your business is selling products or offering services, you should use a social media site that is showcasing photos and videos so as to sell the products. If you are in the selling game, you should take professional photos, make videos of your products, and publish them on these websites, as well as ensure that you would link the videos and photos directly to your site’s content. if you are selling on eBay or if you are an affiliate seller, you should try to link directly to the product page where a prospective customer can purchase it. Furthermore, put the products on your Google page, Facebook page, and Twitter.

If your business is to provide service, a quite different spin on the social media promotion will be necessary because more often than not, your business will be sitting in the middle of text-based social media and visual social media, which also applies to online marketers. You should represent your services with an icon or photo, and publish the icon or photo on the visual sites. If you can get testimonials from clients, you may use videos for showcasing your services. Publish on your blog regularly, and tweet the articles, along with the insights towards the industry. This engagement will be helpful for you in building trust with your current clients, showcasing your skills and helping you be found by people who want to become new clients.

Advertising on social media sites

If you have the budget for this, Facebook is offering advertising on a click through manner, such as Google AdSense, or you can use it to earn likes. This is commonly an experimentation case. For the affiliate marketing revenue streams, these click-through advertisements will be exposing the user to your revenue stream, while ensuring that they will be informed every time a new product or article is published. It is a trial and error and it seems to work well for several businesses, but there are others that have lost faith in it.

Social media has been among the most popular and most effective marketing strategy for businesses, especially for small ones. The best thing is – it’s free!

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