Meet The Mother Who Spends $245,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Barbie (Yes, You Read Right)


Screenshot from the Barcroft TV YouTube video

Amanda Love is a 39 year old mother of 4 children who claims that she’s hooked on pursuing ‘Plastic Perfection’.

According to Barcroft TV, Amanda declares that plastic is her passion and she has apparently spent over 250,000 US dollars already to get the perfect Barbie doll look. So far she’s had three boob jobs and she is also planning to inflate her boobs to a mammoth 30MM soon. Amanda gets regular Botox injections and fillers every three months and also regularly gets her lips pumped with collagen – she spends approximately 14,500 US dollars a year on her beauty regime.

Check out her story below (credit: Barcroft TV):

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