Gap Is Planning To Release A New App That’ll Put An End To Dressing Rooms (Yes, You Read Right)


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Does this app spell the end of dressing rooms as we know it?

The new app by Gap is called the “DressingRoom” and it was recently featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The customers will be able to ‘try on’ clothes in an amazing reality experience so they won’t need a dressing room anymore – all they need to do is click a button and off they go.

Gap customers needs to initially choose their body type (extra small, small, medium, large and extra large) and then they’ll be allocated a digital mannequin (avatar). Next, the chosen garment will appear on the digital mannequin and you can even move your avatar around the room to see the item from different angles – if you like it then you can purchase the item from the app itself.

Gap’s “DressingRoom” app is actually a collaboration with Avametric which is a firm that creates 3D renders for fashion brands and even online giant Google. Check out the epic demonstration below:

Gap App

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