Welcome To Clown Motel – The Creepiest Motel In The Planet… Hello Nightmares!


Screenshot from Stefan Spins’ YouTube video

Let’s face it, clowns are seriously creepy and all the killer clown YouTube videos we see on a constant basis just made them look a lot worse in our eyes.

Now if you’re not the biggest fan of clowns then this motel is definitely not for you. The Clown Motel is actually located in the small mining town of Tonopah, Nevada and it’s owned and operated by Bob and Deborah Perchetti. The whole motel is covered in clown figurines, clown dolls as well as various doll collectables. The clowns in the motel range from cheery and welcoming to deliberately disturbing so yes, this motel is not for the faint-hearted.

Check out the video below courtesy of Fox 10:

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