How To Create TRUE Freedom In Your Life


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Freedom is good … even MORE when knowing what it really means. We love to boast and flaunt this freedom; to do what we want, whenever we want! Everyone has their own painting of what this signifies, but there is only one truth and meaning. I did a thorough research (thanks to Oxford Dictionary) and found that freedom is ‘the condition of being free or unrestricted’. We have the freedom of speech, the freedom to buy, the freedom to live a life we want right? But have you ever looked at the freedom going on within your soul and spirit? – I want to touch on this kind of freedom. Okay, you may be like ‘Whoa! That’s deep, I’m too young for that stuff!’ but in reality, that’s where the most issues and battles in life emanate from. It’s there whether you like it or not because it’s in you! I believe there are so many people crying in desperation for that freedom ‘within’. We are free externally, but a prisoner internally.

Look at it this way folks, the fact is, we have the freedom to make good or bad choices – that can lead us to freedom or bondage. It all begins from the choices we make. Real freedom is about having self – control and exercising it (because YOU are the one in control of your choices, no one else). For example, I am just as free not to eat hot chips and chocolates every morning, as I am to eat them and feel bad about it afterwards. I love God and the Bible. That’s where I discovered the meaning of true freedom. Romans 6:16, “Don’t you realize that whatever you choose to obey becomes your master?” It doesn’t get any more articulate than that. You can choose what you know is wrong which leads to your destruction, or what is right, and live a blessed & abundant life. I was free externally, but I was bound by my wrong habits of all sorts, some included bitterness, pride, and at random times felt depressed and hated myself because of internal issues. I’m a prisoner enslaved by the wrong things. I mask it all with some fun or anything to forget about it, but at the end of the day, it’s still in me! Am I going to live like this forever? You may ask. Heck no!

Be challenged! And live a life that is free from things that can be addictive and destructive to your spirit, soul and body. True freedom is one that edifies and draws you to what is good. Anything other than that is bondage. You were not created to live like slaves, but in freedom.

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