Introducing The Most EPIC Mother’s Day Gift Ever: An Insane Cake That Has Swarovski Earrings Inside


Images via sugarhighdesserts Instagram

If you’re looking for a mother’s day gift that’ll make your mom’s jaws drop then look no further than this insane Mother’s Day cake.

This cake was created by Sugar High Desserts and it’s guaranteed to make your mom cry with joy.



Image via sugarhighdesserts Instagram

Well for starters, this ‘Mother’s Day Surprise Cake’ features a Kinder Surprise-style surprise in the centre of the cake – basically it contains a pair of Swarovski Lunar earrings and you can even organise for your own jewels to be hidden inside the cake.


Image via sugarhighdesserts Instagram

Secondly, This is a vanilla bean cake flavoured with a touch of rose essence, iced with chocolate truffle ganache, glazed with white chocolate ganache and topped with edible rose petals and 24 karat leaf gold. Oh, and did we mention that it also has Rose flavoured Macaroons on top?

So who’s ready to spoil their mom in a big way??

Recommended retail price: $180 inclusive of the Swarovski jewellery

 Story Source: The Edge

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