The Verdict On Going In Style: Is It Worth Your Time And Money??


‘Going In Style’ is a 2017 comedy film directed by Zach Braff and written by Theodore Melfi. It’s a remake of the 1979 film of the same name, it stars Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, Michael Caine, Ann Margaret, Joey King and Matt Dillon. It’s a story about three pensioners who decided to carry out a bank robbery plan when their pensions got canceled.

Movie Summary

Morgan (Willie), Michael (Joe), and Alan (Albert) are three friends who are retirees. Joe has some financial problem so he decides to visit the bank where he witnesses a bank robbery and catches a glimpse of a tattoo on one of the robber’s neck. This was the only form of identification since the robbers were masked.

Later, the three friends find out that a bank is buying out the company they worked for and planning to deny them their pension. Meanwhile, Willie was diagnosed with kidney failure and needs a donor and money for a transplant as soon as possible.

Joe brings up the idea of robbing the bank that bought their company, using the robbery he witnessed as an inspiration. His two friends are hesitant at first but are soon convinced after going through the odds.

They get the help of Joe’s ex-son-in-law and a criminal named Jesus, both of whom teach them the ropes.

On the day of the robbery, Willie collapses, and a child who was at the scene partially removes his mask and sees his watch, which had his granddaughter’s face on it. He calms her and reassures her that everything would be fine.

The three of them get away with more than two million dollars, and although they were suspected and put on a line up for the child witness to identify, the girl refuses to speak so with the help of their alibis, they walk free.

They go ahead to share the money amongst themselves and their families, while Al donates a kidney to Willie and gets married to his girlfriend.

Our review: 2/5 Stars

The movie is comically infused with lessons, and though it looks like something only old people would like, and the younger generation would find a thing or two to learn from seeing it.

The movie has been described by critics as being cliché – the usual story of a disgruntled worker who decides to steal from their former employee.

The director used popular faces as his stars because for a crime movie; the acting was not exciting, there were a lot of unnecessary sentiments attached. We also think that the trio was overqualified for their roles – or should we say the movie in general.

Oh, and of course, they made stealing seem standard – like going the illegal way as a way to protest against a messed up system is okay.

Generally, it is not a bad movie. The first production of the movie back in 1979 might be more layered than this one, but this one has a little colour thrown in to give it some humour. It is not your conventional movie where an old and dying person just gives up without a fight.

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