Australia Beware: If You Receive This Phone Call, You Need To Hang Up IMMEDIATELY


Image via Shutterstock / Andy Dean Photography

This malicious phone scam has just made its way to Australia and the Police are warning everyone that if you receive a phone call asking, ‘can you hear me?’ you need to hang up immediately!

The phone scam originated in the United States and the UK, and apparently it has now made its way to Australia.

If someone calls you from a private number and says, “can you hear me?”, you need to hang up right away and do not – under any circumstances respond to the question because the moment you say ‘yes’, they’ll record your voice saying ‘yes’ and your voice will be used to commit fraud.

Bottomline, the recording of the victim’s voice can afterwards be used to authorise private payments or charges in the victim’s name using voice recognition. Since it’s the victim’s voice authorising the payment, it’ll be hard to dispute later if they want to claim that they have been scammed.

According to Sunshine Coast Daily, here’s the police department’s advice to fight this phone scam:

– Spread the word – Share this information

– If you receive a “can you hear me?” phone call – hang up – don’t respond!

– If you did respond with a “yes”… alert your financial institution, begin to monitor your accounts closely… and contact ID CARE

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