There’s A New Hoax Targeting Commonwealth Bank Customers And You Need To Know About It NOW


Image via Shutterstock / BamboOK

It looks like some dodgy people have found a new way to scam Commonwealth Bank customers so if you are one then you need to know about this hoax now.

Commonwealth Bank has officially released a warning about an SMS hoax that has been going around lately asking the user to provide personal details. They wrote in a statement: “Hoax Alert: We are aware of the following hoax SMS that is currently in circulation. If you receive this SMS please delete it… We will never send you a SMS that contains a link that will ask you to provide your NetBank client number, password, NetCode or credit card details. Please be sure to share this with any friends or relatives so they stay safe online.” They then posted a photo of what the hoax SMS might look like:

So if you’re a Commonwealth Bank Customer then you need to watch out!


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