This Coffee Shop Is Operated By Women In Bikinis And Underwear (Yes, You Read Right)


Screenshot from Bikini Beans’ YouTube Video

Can you imagine being served coffee in the morning by a gorgeous barista wearing a sexy bikini?

Bikini Beans is a café based in Arizona that is managed by an all-female staff wearing sexy bikinis. It was originally founded by Ben Lyles and his wife Regina three years ago. Ben claims that the coffee shop was such a huge hit that they immediately opened a second store and now a third and fourth shops are on the way.

He said “we wanted a coffee store that had a relaxed feeling of being on a beach and all the fun that goes with that. Of course, bikinis are part of that too… Most of our customers are drive-through customers, but we also have outdoor seating areas with sun umbrellas and music in the background.”

Learn more about Bikini Beans by watching the video below:

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