It’s Official” Victoria Is About To Get It’s Very Own “Disneyland”… OMG

Screenshot from Costas World’s Instagram

Victoria’s Gumbuya Park is planning to get a $50 million revamp which means that this park is going to be epic.

The park is set to add a bush resort, a water park and even a helipad and the park’s management is confirming that the much needed revamp will make Gumbuya Park the ‘Disneyland of Victoria’. The employees of the park alone will increase from 56 employees to more than 500.

The new and improved park will be renamed “Gumbuya Oz-Venture Park” and it’s about 65 KM from Melbourne. The park will be home to 300 native animals such as dingoes and wombats and when the revamp is done there’s going to be a family zone featuring a 4D adventure theatre, a rope course, a drop tower, some lazy river rides, a walking with dinosaur attraction and a walk-through aviary among others.

We can’t wait to see how this all pans out.

Source: The Edge


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