4 Tried And Tested Ways To Make Money Online Like A Boss


Earning money this day and age can be done in so many ways thanks to the existence of the internet as it provides a lot of opportunities to those who want to find an extra source of income. If you are also on the way to discovering how to make money online, then you have landed on the right page. You will learn that there are numerous ways to get cash using your laptop or computer device and of course, a reliable internet connection.

Freelance Jobs

Freelancing gives you the opportunity to work with big or small companies. The good thing about being a freelancer is that it is only temporary and you got more flexible time. You can be a graphic designer, a content writer, a web designer and more. Today, you will find several popular and reliable websites that provide platforms for clients. Upwork accommodates long-term and short-term projects, entry-level jobs and per-project or hourly work. Freelancer is also a good source of freelance opportunities. You can look for local jobs or browse by major cities.


Your passion in writing can actually take you to another level of career. If you can compose great writing output such as blogs, then you can work for companies, individual people, institutions and other websites. Depending on the type of content you write and your level of experience, you will get paid in different rates. All you need is to search the web and list the sites that may provide the best writing job. You can write essays for Dame and earn $200. The site also accepts other kinds of article and reported features. Pay rates differ for various types of article. getAbstract pays $300 for long book summaries. If you love writing dorky topics, you can write for Dorkly and earn $75.

Online Selling

Nowadays, many individuals just stay at home while making money. They earn money by selling different items online. They just choose a trustworthy shopping portal and become a seller. Here, they can select the product they wish to sell. It only takes the right timing and an effective strategy to succeed. You can also sell affiliate products from Ebay, Clickbank and Amazon or sell your own products through your site.

Using Your Mobile Phone

Have you ever thought that you can make money using your mobile phone? This time, you have a better idea on how your phone can give you extra income. There are different applications that can help you earn income by completing and doing simple tasks using your Smartphone. All you need is to complete offers through signing up on websites, watching videos or playing games. You may also work on answering simple paid surveys. Swagbucks pays you for taking surveys. The site also allows you to see where the survey is going. My Survey lets you know what survey is going to pay out the highest and soonest.

Money is just around corner if you’re willing to put up an effort. You can maximize your time without investing a big amount of money or effort – you just have to know how to play your cards right.

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