Five Simple Business Ventures That You Can Start For Just Under $50 (Yes, You Read Right)


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If you’ve always dreamed of getting away from your nine-to-five job and starting your own business then you’re going to love this article. Here are five businesses that won’t even cost you more than $50. If you’re looking for a good business to get into which won’t break your wallet then read on below.

Uber Driver

Taxi drivers are losing a lot of business these days due to the rise of Uber drivers and you can’t blame consumers for taking the Uber option because it’s just way cheaper. If you have a car and you like to drive around then you might as well make money on the side and become an Uber driver. A number of people I know have decided to drop their full-time jobs to become a full-time Uber driver so yes; this option can be a full-time eventually.

EBay entrepreneur

Anyone can be an eBay seller in this day and age and the capital can be as little as $50. You can sell stuff around the house that you no longer need on eBay or if you are into a specific niche like fashion for example, it’s so easy to buy products worth less than $5 from China which you can sell for well over $20. You just need the patience and perseverance in this line of business and you’ll be rolling in cash sooner than you think.


Tutoring someone for a living used to be more difficult to promote, but with the rise of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter it’s so quick and easy now. Most tutors charge around $50 per hour and there are websites available that can help you get jobs, you just need to give them a cut. All you need to do is get your foot inside the door and then you can build your own clientele later on and earn more money.

Dog walker

Dog walking is now a potential business since there are a lot of filthy rich dog owners out there who loves pampering their dogs but have no time to walk them outdoors. There is no capital needed, all you really need is the willingness to walk dogs and you can earn around $30 per hour for your effort.

Event planner

If you have a lot of connections in the entertainment industry then why not consider being an event planner. If you’re an organized person who can run events smoothly then this can be a career option for you. The good thing is that you don’t need to buy any equipment’s, all you have to do is secure jobs, get some friends to help out and everyone gets a sweet payday.

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