This Man Arrived First At A Screening of “IT”… Only To Find A Creepy Clown In The Movie Theater Already


Screenshot was taken from Chris’ twitter account

Stephen King’s novel ‘It’ has just hit the cinemas but there’s something seriously sinister with its screenings that’s terrifying people even before the movie begins. Chris is a horror flick fan who’s based in England (@HG_Hohbes), when he went to the movie theater to watch the movie, he came across a really creepy presence in one of the seats.

A creepy clown trying to emulate Pennywise was there with him and Chris decide to take a few photos of the freaky encounter and then he posted his experience on Twitter. He said “I’m first in the screen and this f**king guy’s just sitting there.”

Check out the freaky tweet below by Chris – would you dare stick around??


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