The Internet Can’t Tell This Stunning 63-Year-Old Mom Apart From Her Daughters… Prepare To Be Shocked


Screenshot taken from The Nollygrio’s video

This mom is 63 years old and her daughters are 41 and 36 years old yet they all look like teenagers.

No, I’m not kidding. These Taiwanese family may just be the youngest looking family ever!

Initially 41-year-old Lure Hsu shocked millions of people because of her youthful appearance. But when the world saw Lure’s two sisters, 36-year old Sharon and 40-year-old Fayfay and their 63-year-old mother – the world was speechless. These women look so young, they’re being labeled as ‘the family of frozen ages’ by Taiwanese media.

Check them out below courtesy of Nollygrio:

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