This Model Just Revealed Her Before And After Photos On Instragam And You Need To See It NOW


Screenshot from Karina Irbys Instagram

This stunning model just revealed 11 Photoshop edits she made on her Instagram photo and it’s guaranteed to shock you.

Karina Irby wanted to draw attention to the “unrealistic” images of women being posted all over Instagram on a daily basis so she decided to post two different versions of the same photo – one unedited and one Photoshopped.

She wrote next to the two photos: “Which do you prefer? Natural or self-marketing Instagirl Edit? I know I’ve touched on this once before but I think it’s so important to bring awareness and reality to social media for young girls.”

“Every day I see overly-edited images from personal pages and business pages.

“Along with those ‘perfect’ images comes a flood of women comparing themselves to a retouched image and tagging friends.”

Irby then posted these Eleven changes that were made to the original picture:

Removed my eczema scars

Removed cellulite

Dramatically skin smoothed my body

Sucked in my waist

Redesigned and sculpted my booty

Pushed my booty up

Thinned out my thighs, arms, and neck

Made my hair bigger

Pushed my jawline up

Added a glowing filter, twice

Narrowed my shoulders

Irby has previously posted similar before-and-after photos in the past and it’s admirable that someone of her status is willing to go out of her way to reveal the reality of Instagram photos.

Screenshot from Karina Irbys Instagram


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