15 Essential Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best Platform For Your Website


With all of your options out there for your website or blog, you may be wondering which one is going to be your best option. This will help you to see just why WordPress is such a great option for you to use.

1. A Lot of Websites Use WordPress

About 30% of websites online use WordPress, showing you that this is a company that people can trust.

2. Dominates Content Management System

WordPress is one of the most popular options for pre-built content management systems.

3. So Many Plugins

Everyone (and every business) is different. Thanks to all of the plugins available on WordPress as well as any third-party extensions, there are numerous ways that you can make a website that is the most functional for you.

4. Numerous Themes

You may think that just because you are not an expert at coding that you cannot create a stunning website. However, thanks to all of the themes that are available on WordPress you can create something perfect for you. There are always more themes being added, so you can keep your website fresh looking.

5. Multilingual

WordPress has a translation team that has translated it into around 169 languages. Its plugins offer translated versions as well.

6. Affordable

The software for WordPress is free. There are numerous themes that you can access that are also free. Even if you pay for upgrades, you will still pay infinitely less when compared to other similar services.

7. Customer Support

You will find some of the best customer support for users with WordPress. There are so many different blogs, forums, and tutorials that you can access for unlimited amounts of information. If you cannot find what you need there, you can contact someone for help.

8. Flexibility

With the large variety of plugins that you have access to when using WordPress, you can create the exact website that you need for your website to work for your business.

9. Not Just for Websites

There are new advancements on this platform, which gives you more uses for it such as creating apps. As technology advances so do the uses for this platform.

10. Connectivity with Third-Party Tools

You can seamlessly integrate your WordPress site with your favorite third-party tools for e-commerce or email marketing services.

11. Self-Contained Ecosystem

The WordPress dashboard gives you a one-stop location to access everything that you need to manage your website and services.

12. User-Friendly

Beginners or those who are not very tech-savvy want platforms that are easy to use and manage. WordPress has managed a careful balance between being user-friendly while still offering flexibility and power to users.

13. Makes SEO Easier

With plugins like YoastSEO, creating an SEO friendly website is easy for anyone even if they are not as familiar with how to effectively use SEO.

14. Responsive

Websites need to work on any device and they need to work quickly. People lose interest in sites if they take too long to load. WordPress offers users the ability to make responsive sites for both mobile and desktop users.

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