3 Crucial Steps To Becoming A Successful Model


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Becoming a model will take a lot of effort and hard work, after all, you, as yourself, are a business. There are a few requirements that are fairly well known when it comes to breaking into modeling. You need to be fairly tall, meaning for a female at least five feet eight inches, and as a male model at least six feet.

You will also need, other than beauty – poise, grace, elegance, and style. Your body language will speak louder than your looks, and you must have panache and spunk. There are a few different types of modeling – there is the print for magazines and ads, and there are the runway models that model fashion labels.

If you desire to start modeling, try and get a good agency to help you start out. There are some simple tips they can provide for they are the experts in the business of selling people’s looks and posturing.

Head Shots

When you have found the agency that is the type of modeling you would like to break into then taking photos of yourself to help you land the gig is next. Take a great headshot with no make-up to show off your special features.

Take a full body shot in simple clothing like tank tops and leggings. The closer the fit to the body the better, only then will you be able to tell what your body type is, and which type of modeling would suit you best.

Be Resilient

In the beginning, as you fill out agency request forms for modeling, you are going to have to be ready for rejection. Keep diligent and do not let it get you down, especially in the beginning.

If you are lucky enough to be signed by a big modeling agency then get ready to travel. You most likely will have shoots away from home very often and you need to be ready for this. It may not be ideal, but it’s the price you have to pay if you are going after your dream.


You need to keep up with a healthy lifestyle and get at least eight hours a sleep a night. Stay away from drugs, smoking, and alcohol. Take care of your skin, hair, and nails and stay in shape because you never know when you may get THAT call.

Staying healthy and starting young, roughly around fifteen for women and eighteen for men will give you enough time to get yourself out there and be noticed. Never give up hope in the face of rejection.

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