This Designer Only Used Asian Models at the New York Fashion Week To Promote Asian Diversity


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It looks like the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ influence has extended to the New York Fashion Week as a designer has just pulled off something that ’s very rarely done at the New York Fashion Week: using only Asian models.

Claudia Li is a New Zealand-born designer who made a huge statement on her first-ever runway show at New York Fashion Week by using only Asian models. She showcased her Spring 2019 collection using 35 all-Asian models.

Li told HuffPost in an interview “I feel like often the fashion industry just tries to check a box — i.e., ‘We need an Asian girl for our show.’ But what kind of Asian girl? A Filipino girl? Singaporean? Chinese? Korean? ‘Asian’ doesn’t mean one thing… I feel like the word ‘Asian’ just means one thing to a lot of people, and we are not just one note. There’s incredible diversity.”

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