Everything You Need To Know About The Miss Sahara Beauty Pageant


Miss Sahara is the only National Beauty Pageant for  Women of African heritage in Australia.

Miss Sahara seeks to expand broader Australian community’s notions of beauty in a multicultural Australian context, whilst building pathways for women of African heritage to be better represented in the mainstream beauty and modeling industries.

It also fosters role modeling and leadership skills and values participants’ abilities to advocate and raise awareness of Africa’s rich cultures.


Miss Sahara was founded by Anyier Yuol, a visionary young woman of South Sudanese background. Anyier currently divides her time between endeavours as vast as community activism, youth leadership, mentoring, playing soccer and being a sports advocate, completing a Master of International Development (Forced Refugees and Displacement) at UNSW, and modeling.

She is determined to encourage, inspire and support her fellow women to find and exceed their potential within the modeling world and all other facets of their lives and those around them.

The annual Miss Sahara beauty pageant will be taking place from 11 to13 April 2019. This will be followed by a celebratory Gala Dinner on 13 April 2019 at The Bellevue Venue, Bankstown, to crown the top Australian African model.


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