Top 5 Ways Of Making Money Via Social Media


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The world is ruled over by social media as it touches the lives of people in one way or another everyday. In fact, it is one of the best ways to make money these days so you definitely need to learn how to get into it. So without further ado, here are the top 5 ways of making money via social media.


Blogging is certainly one of the top 5 ways of making money on your own. There are countless blogs around the world that advertise things everyday. Similar with other things found on the web, it has been said that blogging has even become sophisticated in this day and age.

To get into blogging, you must first purchase a domain name with a hosting company, such as ‘HostGator’ that will be responsible in hosting your blog. This allows you to manipulate the blog as compared with other blogging platforms such as It is one of the easiest ways to publish content without using technical skills.

Once you’ve set up a blog you can then generate income from your own blog via affiliating programs and products such as AdSense or Click Bank. But to actually make any money from affiliate programs, you must have quality content and you must also update your personal blog regularly to gain regular followers and traffic.

Social Directories

Apart from blogging, using social directories is another way of making money via social media. Blog posts should be marked by using a service from OnlyWire. Blog posts or blog articles should get into social directories such as Reddit and StumbleUpon. This can be achieved by means of creating important backlinks from almost thirty directories at a certain time.

Once you have started ranking for additional phrases and keywords in your personal blog posts and blog articles, the traffic now increases in the directories as well as on search engines.

Social Networking

Almost one billion of the population is using their Facebook account, and that hundred million of people are using Twitter in making money. Social networking has become a useful way of advertising products of services to followers and friends. You can do this in a submissive way just by creating updates consistently. Getting your services and products to people whom you do not associate with each day is never a problem. Affiliate marketers have since discovered that Twitter and Facebook as a great source of effective and cheap advertising.

Discussion Forums

Using “” is a great way of finding discussion forums that relate on the website theme. Once you have started to involve in the discussions, you would be surprised in the traffic that it creates along your way. This marketing form works best only when you are trying to sell something though.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is also one of the top 5 ways of making money via social media. In fact, YouTube has been known to be the biggest video site in the world. Once you’ve established a good YouTube following it will be easy for you to sell services and products via short videos.

Explore more of the ways to drive traffic to your personal website using the social media. Once you have driven traffic to your website, then money is sure to follow!

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