6 Crucial Mistakes That Can Destroy Your New Business


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Achieving success in business is difficult as it is already but staying successful is just a whole new monster altogether. Many people have some sort of idea what to do in order to become successful but most entrepreneurs just simply fade away. A number of people spend much of their lives stuck in this conundrum and as a result, suffer highly.

This article lists and explains some of the things mentioned by successful people about what not to do for one to be successful. They are listed as follows.

• Return to What Didn’t Work

This is one of the most important aspects of what shouldn’t be done for maintaining success. Once something does not work, it should be avoided at all costs in the future. There is simply no point in believing that a certain idea will work the second time round when it failed the first time.

• Change Yourself

Changing yourself in order to ensure success is not recommended. Yes, one should step out of their comfort zone in order to explore new avenues but this does not mean that they should change their personality and values completely. Staying true to yourself is one of the basic principles required to be successful.

• Change Someone Else

Change is inevitable whether it’s for yourself or someone else. However, forcing the issue is not. Changing someone and manipulating them for personal gains and advancement will only result in loss of respect and trust from the side of the other party. Success should be done in a competitive manner but within the bounds of ethics and morals.

• Please Everyone

One can simply not please everyone at the same time. There will be many hurdles and individuals in your path to success. Managing them and planning strategies and goals accordingly is essential for you to stay successful in the long term.

• Thinking Short Term

In the history of successful individuals there has been no such case where the individual thought of the short-term rather than the long-term. It is simply not possible to achieve and sustain success if one constantly thinks about the short term and avoids strategies and planning required to sustain success over a longer period of time. Thinking short term will only get you so far but looking over the horizon and smarter than your competitors will not only result in personal satisfaction but also financial gain.

• Looking at the Smaller Picture

Highly successful businessmen and entrepreneurs always devise strategies by looking at the bigger picture. They always have a backup plan or contingency measures that will be implemented if an unfortunate situation or event arises. This ensures success is not short lived and any potentially threatening scenario does not prove to be catastrophic in nature.

All in all, keeping in mind all of these factors can enable an individual to come back from a debilitating failure. What is needed is an optimistic frame of mind and the will to better than your previous self.

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