This Woman Went To An Interactive Theme Park That Is Real Life Dungeons & Dragons


Screenshot from Buzzfeed

This is the type of place that you come to cosplaying your own made up character, putting on your characters persona, and just roleplaying throughout the entire night.

Evermore is an Experience Park: a place to explore, wonder, and discover. It’s a blend of theme park, events, thrills, and theatrics. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in a world of adventure where you can live in an incredible story, and even build your own. Each season is tied to a festival with two main components, one theatrical and one where guests roam the park freely similar to more traditional theme parks. In the theatrical portion, guests experience an immersive story full of high-end tech and visual effects that plays out across our fifteen acre park full of Victorian-inspired buildings and gardens.

Check out the video below courtesy of Buzzfeed:

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