Mark Ruffalo Takes On A Chemical Giant In The Latest Dark Waters Trailer


Screenshot from Focus Features

It looks like an Oscar Nomination is knocking on Mark Ruffalo’s door in this movie.

This film is based on a true story of an attorney for DuPont Chemical who discovered that his company was actually poisoning the residents of a small town for about forty years so he decided to turn the tables and take them on instead. Ruffalo in this movie is Robert Bilott, a lawyer who’s typically defending chemical companies against lawsuits. He uncovers a dark secret that connects a number of unexplained deaths, due to DuPont Chemical – one of the world’s biggest corporations. He risks everything – his future, his family (including his wife Sarah, played by Anne Hathaway), and even his own life – to expose DuPont Chemical.

Check out the video below courtesy of Focus Features:

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