The Trailer For The Way Back Has Just Dropped And It’s Basically Sad Ben Affleck: The Movie


Screenshot from Warner Bros. Pictures

This movie seems like a personal film for Ben Affleck, it’s going to be an epic performance for Ben.

Here’s the synopsis of the movie according to Warner Bros. Pictures: “Jack Cunningham (Ben Affleck) once had a life filled with promise. In high school, he was a basketball phenom with a full university scholarship, when suddenly, for reasons unknown, he walked away from the game, forfeiting his future. Now years later, Jack is spiraling down, triggered by an unspeakable loss, and drowning in the alcoholism that cost him his marriage and any hope for a better life. When he is asked to coach the basketball team at his alma mater, which has fallen far since his glory days, he reluctantly accepts, surprising no one more than himself. As the boys start to come together as a team and win, Jack may have finally found a reason to confront the demons that have derailed him. But will it be enough to fill the void, heal the deep wounds of his past, and set him on the road to redemption?”

Check out the trailer below courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures:

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