The Trailer For Ghostbusters: Afterlife Has Just Dropped And It’s Like Stranger Things, The Movie Version


Screenshot from Sony Entertainment

We like the part where this trailer acts as if the 2016 movie never even existed!

Here’s what we’ve learned about the latest installment in the Ghostbusters franchise: it’s pretty much Stranger Things, The Movie, and that fans of the original Ghostbusters are feeling very, very old school. Here’s the actual plot of the movie: a mom and her two kids move to a very old, freaky house – the house, in fact, belongs to their grandfather, who was a Ghostbuster. Basically, the trailer for the new Ghostbuster is not really Ghostbusters: it’s Stranger Things, the movie version. Similar to Stranger Things, it’s about a bunch of geeky kids in a small town, and the premise of the movie revolves around the 80s.

Check out the trailer below courtesy of Sony Entertainment:

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