Tourism Minister Warns Aussies That The Travel Ban Could Last Until 2021


If you were been planning to go on a holiday sometime this year, you might need to put your plans on hold because Aussies are being warned that the travel ban could actually remain up until 2021.

Yes, you read right, Aussies are unlikely to be allowed to fly overseas until at least January 2021.

In a recent interview with the ABC’s Michael Rowland, this is what Trade and Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham said regarding lifting travel restrictions: “It’s impossible to tell at present precisely when travel restrictions will be removed because that will be a matter dependent upon the health advice at the time. And the travel restrictions we have put in place to date are working in terms of reducing the curve and the spread of coronavirus here in Australia, and that means that we’re avoiding some of those worst-case scenarios that we’re seeing elsewhere around the world, with terrible death tolls, horrific, horrific incidences in terms of overstretching of hospital resources.”

He also stressed that the last thing they want is for Australians to go overseas and potentially bring the virus back or overseas travelers come to Australia and bring the virus with them.

He further said that it probably won’t be possible to travel even around December of this year. “I wouldn’t put any guarantees that you could undertake that overseas trip in December,” he quipped.

We’re pretty sure international travel will be available again sometime in the future, in the meantime, the Tourism Minister is recommending Aussies to just start “dreaming” about their next getaway. He said: “this time is a good time for a bit of dreaming, a bit of planning, think about that Aussie break that you might take when we do finally get to the other side of this.”

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