This Bulgarian Woman Has Just Undergone Her 20th Injection In The Bid To Have Biggest Lips In The World


Screenshot from Andrea Ivanova’s Instagram

‘Real-life Barbie’ Andrea Ivanova is on a mission to beat Kylie Jenner’s famous lips and it looks like she’s way ahead of the game judging by what her lips look like at the moment.

Andrea actually began her transformation back in 2018 and has since spent thousands of dollars on several procedures to increase the size of her lips. By the end of 2018, her lips had insanely quadrupled in size, but she still wasn’t satisfied with the result so she has gone on to have even more injections.

She underwent her 20th hyaluronic acid lip injection last month but she’s still not sure if her lips are the biggest in the world so she’s going to keep on going until she’s satisfied that there are no other lips bigger than hers. When she was asked about the procedure, she said: “I like my new lips a lot, it was hard to eat after the injection, and two to three days after the procedure gets more difficult. There are no restrictions on what I can eat… I am not sure if they are the biggest lips in the world but they are one of the biggest, I think.”

Andrea has documented her journey on Instagram, where she posts photos of her lips to her 30,000 plus followers. From the looks of things, it like she’s not stopping anytime soon.

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