The CGI In The New PlayStation 5 Demo Looks So Realistic It’ll Leave You Speechless


Screenshot from Unreal Engine

The recently released PlayStation 5 demo demonstrates details that are so intricate – it’s almost life-like.

While the whole world is stuck at home due to the quarantine, more and more people are turning to playing video games to pass time so Unreal Engine’s release of their demo video boasting next-generation graphics is perfect timing. As of May 15, 2020, the video has accumulated more than 9 million views and for good reason.

To explain to the viewers just how detailed these graphics are, Brian Karis (the technical director of graphics) and Jerome Platteaux (the art director of special projects) served as a guide explaining the details of the video as well as the technology they used to create such an incredible experience.

Check out the video below courtesy of Unreal Engine:

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