Instagram influencer Claims Companies Cut Ties With Her When She Refused To Work For Free


Photos courtesy of Jadé Tuncdoruk’s Instagram

A stunning Sydney-based influencer has decided to get back at some brands who have decided to cut ties with her after she refused to take a pay cut or even work for free during this Coronavirus crisis.

Jadé Tuncdoruk is a popular fashion influencer who has over 440,000 Instagram followers. She regularly posts photos of herself promoting high-profile brands such as Dior and Chanel.

Unfortunately the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted her business as an influencer in a big way as a number of the companies she used to promote has decided to cut ties with her because she refused to take a pay cut or even work for free. She decided to speak out about the issue via her Instagram account. This is what she wrote on her Instagram Stories as per Daily Mail:

“I’ve collaborated/worked with a few brands over time (a long time) who as of late have asked me to work for much, much less, or for free due to budget cuts – which I understand…”

“However, when I’ve said no – which is in my opinion completely warranted – have completely written off the relationship.

“These are brands I’ve traveled with and promoted for years who just throw the relationship away because I’ve refused to work for free.

“I’m very surprised that these organisations are willing to throw relationships down the drain after such a long time.

“Each to their own, but personally I wouldn’t sever ties with someone who I ‘valued’ for years.”

According to The Daily Telegraph, Tuncdoruk earns between $800 and $3,000 per sponsored post and in fact, she was the first Australian influencer to win E! People’s Choice Award last year.

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