This Woman Wore A Surgical Face Mask Bikini In Public To Protest The Lockdown


Screenshot from DaVida Sal’s Facebook page

A female artist who goes by the name DaVida Sal wore a bikini face mask and then stood half-naked outside a store in Los Angeles called Trader Joe’s to protest the Coronavirus lockdown measures.

DaVida strategically placed face masks all over her body and said in a Facebook post that she believes that the Coronavirus is merely a hoax that was designed to take away public freedom by forcing people to wear face masks and socially distance from each other. She wrote in a Facebook post: ‘Abnormal Becoming the New Normal. She blindly obeyed… If the MASKS work, WHY the 6 feet? If the 6 feet works, WHY the Masks? If BOTH work, WHY the LOCKDOWN?

‘Now more than ever we must express ourselves with the brilliance we were created to be,’ she continued.

She placed masks around her ankles and shoulders as well as over her chest and genitals but she didn’t place any over her nose and mouth. She also placed one mask over her eyes to mock the “blindness” of those people who are apparently complying with the coronavirus restrictions. Check out her photos below – what do you think about her performance art?

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