Little Mix Star Jade Thirlwall Confesses She ‘Literally S**t Herself’ During A Gig. Yes, You Read Right!


Screenshot from MTV International

Typically when famous artists talk about their most embarrassing moments, most would talk about a wardrobe malfunction, maybe slipping on a wet floor or forgetting the lyrics of your song. Well, we’re pretty sure Jade Thirlwall’s most embarrassing moment is in another level of embarrassment.

In the latest episode of Jade’s virtual MTV cooking show, “Served! With Jade Thirlwall,” her special guests were none other than Sporty Spice herself Melanie C and RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist Courtney Act.

While they were all engaged in discussing food and cooking, the conversation somehow ended up with Jade asking Melanie what her most embarrassing moment on stage was.

To which Melanie C replied: “We did a show in Miami, and in the first song, my trousers split right up the back… I had a G-string on under them, but my cheeks were there for the world to see. So I had to just runoff.”

Well, Jade had an embarrassing story of her own, but we don’t think Sporty Spice was ready to hear just how awkwardly hilarious it was. Jade said: “My worst ever stage experience, for me, was on Little Mix’s Glory Days tour. I was a bit unwell at the time, I had, like, a poorly belly.

“And basically, before the show starts, we were in, you know the man-lifts? Where it rises up, and it’s like a big dramatic entrance? As I was crouching down in the man-lift, I looked at my security guard, and I was like, ‘I really need to do a little fart.’

“So I did it. I did a little fart. And then I literally s**t myself.”

But wait, there’s more! Sh*tting yourself in front of other people is bad enough, but there’s more to her story. She further said: “I was in a fishnet. Picture that. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that publicly, to be honest. But there you have it.”

Sporty Spice’s reaction to Jade’s story was pure gold! Check out the episode below courtesy of MTV International, if you want to fast forward to Jade’s actual story it’s at 9:45:

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