How To Date And Fall In Love During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Almost every aspect of our lives has either been put on hold or changed forever as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This poses a whole new set of challenges to everyone who’s on a relationship as well as individuals who are active in the dating scene. For example, couples that can’t stand each other are now being forced to stay together because of the lockdown. How would you feel if you are now stuck in the same house with the partner you broke up with a day before the lockdown??

Dating is undoubtedly one area of our lives that has been radically changed by the Coronavirus outbreak. Is there a way to enjoy dating amidst this pandemic without risking your health and that of your loved ones?

In this post, we will take a quick look at a columnist’s advice on dating amidst the coronavirus pandemic.


People have always seen advice columnists as a rock to rely on whenever they need answers to a question without revealing their identity. Hence, with the Coronavirus outbreak, we can easily conclude that advice columnists are getting tons of questions on their desks and that one of the frequently asked questions is “How can I safely date amidst the Covid-19 pandemic?” This implies that even relationship columnists are not exempted from these questions.

A high-profile relationship columnist highlighted this belief by stating that the social distancing order may have forced couples to worry about keeping in touch and sharing important moments. However, he continued by saying most couples fully understand the situation and this has resulted in video chats, internet, and text communication. He also believes that most couples feel more secure using these communication mediums than a face-to-face conversation. He stated that dating mechanics have been significantly changed by the pandemic and he spends most of his time giving people tips on how to have amazing online dates. You can Visit this website to find out how you can end a friends-with-benefits relationship.

He emphasized the need for couples to prioritize connecting more on an emotional and mental level than meeting face to face. This, he believes, will help relationships stay vibrant as we wait for a resolution to the pandemic.

He further stated that the lockdown should be seen by couples or singles as something that will have a positive effect on their relationships and online dating respectively. He indicated that the lockdown is forcing many people to approach dating and relationships with attention, care, and thought. A recipe that he believes is crucial to building a lasting relationship. He stated that the pandemic has put a halt to casual relationships. “I mean”, he stated, “…people do not go into a relationship casually now, they can’t enter a relationship to see where it is going”. He implied that the lockdown has forced the hands of many singles to invest quality time getting to know the person they are dating before committing to something more serious and intimate.


While many may see social distancing and lockdown orders as challenges to their relationship, the relationship columnist believes that it may, in fact, be what the world needs to build lasting relationships.

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