Pizza Hut Taiwan Just Released A New Ramen Pizza Complete With Noodles, Egg And Pork Slices

Comfort food has never been so crazy innovative!

Pizza Hut Taiwan and Menya Musashi, a well-renowned Japanese ramen place has come together to create the world’s first ramen pizza.

The pizza has a plethora of toppings including Tokotsu ramen (pork bone soup ramen), which includes thick ramen noodles, pork slices, white sesame, fresh chili, and a half soft-boiled egg at the heart of it.

True to the Japanese ramen tradition, the pizza can be served with a garnish of spring onions and bamboo shoots on the side.

The ramen pizza is not Pizza Hut Taiwan’s first novelty mash-up. The team behind also co-created durian pizza, bubble tea pizza, and stinky tofu pizza, and it is part of “Pizza Hut’s Taiwan Street Food Series.”

Although, it might come to a shock to Pizza traditionalists who disapproves of deep-pan bases, pineapple, and chicken toppings already. They might be a push over the edge by the dual carb of noodles on a pizza base.

However, Pizza Hut has its fair share of innovative pizzas across the globe, which includes Mac’n’ Cheese topping and cheeseburger-stuff crust. Experimental is in their blood for the Pizza Hut team.

Despite criticisms from a traditionalist, Pizza Hut Taiwan has expressed that their latest offering makes it a fun and exciting way to engage with their customers.

“Taiwanese consumers live a high-pressure life with long working hours and high cost of living. The creative food scene has become an exciting and creative escape. Taiwanese are looking for quick moments of joy to relieve daily pressures,” says Lily Chou, the marketing director of Pizza Hut.

It looks like you would see more innovative ways to consume ramen, so buckle up and enjoy while it lasts.

Photo Credit: Pizza Hut Taiwan

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