Raves, Rants and Violent Reactions


Do you want to get something off your chest? Do you want to just rant and rave about something? Then feel free to leave your comments, thoughts, angry outbursts and complaints in this page! It’s a free country so feel free to unload and share your opinion to the world.

  1. I went to IKEA blacktown this morning and the chick serving us was so up herself. Geez! Who the hell do you think you are you fugly weasel!

  2. I’ve just seen the uninvited and I reckon the whole thing was STUPID! A poor little rich girl depressed in a psych ward?? Give me a break bob!

  3. I just saw Bruno – so much GAYNESS in that movie! I must admit, it was funny as hell though!

  4. To the group of dorky guys wearing bright shirts at Hotel Parramatta last night – TAKE A GROUP SHOWER YOU STINKERS!!

  5. I saw this kids making out at the city last night – yuck! They looked so much alike that I thought they were brother and sister!! Make out in the privacy of your own home please!! I don’t want to see any incest crap around.

  6. To the blob who caught the Hornsby train from Blacktown last friday, why the hell are you trying to squeeze next to me when you’re arm alone can’t even fit in the seat?? Next time have some common sense asswipe!

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