Meet The Miss Earth Australia 2021 National Finalists

Miss Earth Australia is a national beauty pageant that promotes awareness of environmental issues and the steps that can be taken by everyone to reduce our environmental footprint.

Miss Earth Australia is part of Miss Earth International, which has organizations in 120 countries and is now one of the world’s top three international beauty pageants. Contestants come from all States and Territories. The winner, Miss Earth Australia 2021, will be sent to the international pageant to compete against candidates from around the world.

Scroll down to meet the Miss Earth Australia 2021 National Finalists:

Kanika Batra (New South Wales)

Advocacy: “I’m very passionate about environmental issues, the rights of women and girls around the world, and empowering those around me to do the best they can for themselves and the planet.”

Jesi Faun (Victoria)

Advocacy: “I have a passion for environment and wildlife protection, veganism, and animal rights.”

Nicole Wilson (Victoria)

Advocacy: “I am passionate about community engagement and promoting environmentally friendly practices”

Angela Sterjova (Victoria)

Advocacy: “I would want to use my academic background, my professional experience, and my own personal background to advocate for the protection of our environment due to its importance in all aspects of our lives.”

Iris Le (South Australia)

Advocacy: “I want to show the world how much I can give to the world and the environment.”

Sarah Tute (Victoria)

Advocacy: “My dream is to stamp out extinction of our native species and protect our environment through education and doing.”

Nicola Dibona (New South Wales)

Advocacy: “My advocacy is Meat Free Monday.”

Taylor Sharpe (Western Australia)

Advocacy: “It has opened my eyes to actions businesses and people alike can take to reduce our impact on our environment to ensure our society can thrive in generations to come.”

Jessica Marchi (New South Wales)

Advocacy: “I believe that it is our duty as humans and individuals to respect our environment.”

Emily Said (New South Wales)

Advocacy: “My campaign is to highlight the delicate balance we have with our natural ecosystems, raise awareness and reduce global consumer consumption. It is my hope that I can educate and inspire our current and future generations and together we can strive for a more sustainable future”.

Phoebe Soegiono (New South Wales)

Advocacy: “I want to raise awareness of environmental changes within our earth, to continue to sustain our Earth for the future by using innovative ways to lessen our carbon footprint.”

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