Cover ModelQuest 2022: And the Winners Are…

Photo Credit: Jim Kasif

Thirteen male and female models and eight junior models vied for a title each on Saturday, November 12, 2022, and the event turned out to be a smashing success!

This year’s competition also included musical performances from Dj Jazzy and the Day Dreamers, Janie and Frankie. Cover ModelQuest5 2022 went down at the grand ballroom in Sir Stamford at Mascot. This year’s cream of the crop for Cover ModelQuest 2022 consisted of Seeyan, Layla, Ellie, Samer, Jehan, Jerlyn, Sittie, and Jadilla for the Junior Cover Model of the year competition, Kaan, Abbas, Akmal, Scott, Peter, and Tariq for the Coverguy competition and Taylor, Rochelle, Maddie, Helin, Margueritte, Paige, and Hallie- Frances for the Ultimate Covergirl competition.

Following a three-hour showdown of costumes, glams, and game-changing runway performances, here’s how things turned out for this year’s hopefuls…

Special Awards

Most Promising Stars: Ellie & Rochelle

Emerging Talents Of The Night: Samer & Kaan

Breakout Star of the Night: Layla David

Glamorous Star of the Night: Jehan

Rising Star of the Night: Sittie Mariam

Look of the Night: Jadila

People’s Choice Online: Taylor Gonzalez, Peter Hanna, and Sittie Mariam

People’s Choice of the night: Ellie, Rochelle, and Kaan

Brand Ambassadors of the Year: Ellie, Jerlyn, and Taylor

Social Media stars of the Year: Seeyan, Helin, and Peter

Best in Swimwear: Jadila, Akmal, and Paige

Best in Theme Costume: Layla, Tarig, and Hailee

Best in Formal Wear: Jadila, Tariq, and Paige

Top 3 Winners

Junior Cover Model Second Runner-Up: Jerlyn Gubat

Junior Cover Model First Runner-Up: Layla David

Junior Cover Model Grand Winner: Jadila

Coverguy Second Runner Up: Peter Hanna

Coverguy First Runner Up: Tariq Muhammed

Coverguy Grand Winner: Akmal Omid

Covergirl Second Runner-Up: Marguerite Assaf

Covergirl First Runner-Up: Hallie-Francesca Evans

Covergirl Grand Winner: Paige Tonkin

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