Rising Star Spotlight: Meet The Dashing Ginny & Georgia Star, Damian Romeo

Canadian-born actor and former Canadian Infantry Army Soldier Damian Romeo star as the steaming hot and mysterious ‘Matt Press’ on Netflix’s hit mother-daughter drama series GINNY & GEORGIA, which had its season 2 premiere last Thursday, January 5th.

The season 1 “Ginny & Georgia” finale cliffhanger saw ‘Ginny’ (Antonia Gentry) and her little brother on a motorcycle, leaving town after she discovers that her mom had poisoned her stepfather. In season 2, Ginny must figure out how to live with the knowledge that her mother is a murderer. Burdened with the new understanding that Kenny – her step-dad – didn’t die of natural causes, now Ginny must deal with the fact that Georgia not only killed, she killed to protect Ginny. On the other hand, Georgia would much prefer that the past be left in the past. After all, she’s got a wedding to plan! But the funny thing about Georgia’s past is that it never stays buried for long. Romeo stars as ‘Matt Press,’ the only one who can see through all of the bull***t and has a realistic outlook on life due to his troubled past.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Romeo got into the arts at a young age at the insistence of his grandmother to take music lessons. Around the age of 9, he began performing in theatre, solidifying his lifelong desire to become an actor. Sporting a fit physique and measuring a staggering 6’4″, he was scouted by a designer who asked him to walk in his show, which led to him being named “Canada’s Next Top Male Model” during Vancouver Fashion Week. Around this time, he also decided to follow in the footsteps of some of his family and joined the Canadian Infantry Army, where he remained a reserve soldier for four years. His heart remained with acting, though, and he continued to pursue auditions and work in film and television. He booked a small part on Amazon’s “The Expanse,” and then shortly after booked the role of ‘Matt Press’ on Netflix’s “Ginny & Georgia.” On the film front, Romeo has the upcoming thriller PINS & NEEDLES opposite his “Ginny & Georgia” co-star Chelsea Clark.

A horseman and overall fan of the outdoors, Romeo admires the work of Taylor Sheridan and would love to star in one of his projects. He is an avid rock climber dedicated to a healthy diet and working out. In his free time, he enjoys giving back to the non-profit SickKids and spending time with his hairless Sphynx cat.

StarCentral Magazine recently caught up with Damian to discuss his journey in the industry, and here’s what went down:

Can you tell us more about yourself? How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

My professional acting career started around 19, but I’ve always felt enthralled with the craft of acting and having the ability to tell a great story. Around that age, I fell in love with the possibility that I could pursue the craft as a career. Since I made that decision for myself, I’ve never looked back. It wasn’t until season one of Ginny and Georgia that I started to see professional success. I spent most of the time up until now developing my craft and focusing on experiences that would help me grow as a person. I solo backpacked over 35 countries, joined the Canadian army, dressed up as superheroes for children’s events, walked a high fashion runway, and explored many different avenues in my development.

What do you like most about acting?

The endless possibilities to experience another life. It is such an incredible feeling to step into the shoes of a character and truly live through them. I could become the leader of an army, fighting battles through a period of history or in magical fantasies. I could go on breathtaking adventures and voyages or fall in love and grow old. The ability to showcase the human experience in any situation is truly exciting for me.

Can you tell us about your role in Ginny and Georgia?

I play a young, angsty high schooler who is still trying to figure out who he is. He’s a part of the friend group that attaches itself to Ginny. He develops a youthful crush on one of the girls in the MANG friend group. Due to his insecurities and emotional immaturity, he tries to hide his feelings and can’t communicate them properly.

What sort of person is going to relate to this character?

I think anyone can relate to a character like this. We have all had that awkward experience of being a high school kid, trying to fit in and find ourselves in the process. The tools for communicating your emotions take a very long time to develop; along the way, we all make mistakes.

How is this character like you? Different?

As the person I am today, Matt Press and I share only two similarities. We have both made mistakes while finding ourselves in our youth, and we enjoy playing video games.

Besides yourself, what celebrity would you like to see tackle this character?

If I could put Charlie Hunnam or Chris Hemsworth in a time machine, I’d love to see them portray Matt Press. Otherwise, Timothee Chalamet would make some interesting choices.

Besides yourself, which actor/s in this series is going to blow people away?

This season, all the actors have done a great job with their characters. The one performance I thoroughly enjoyed was Sabrina Grdevich as Cynthia Fuller. Sabrina is such a fantastic actress, and I loved watching her performance come to life.

What’s the biggest challenge to taking on this role?

I never thought I would play a character as young as Matt Press. I had to dig pretty deep to close the ‘over a decade’ age gap. Ultimately it became such a fun experience and one I’ll cherish forever.

If you could play any other character in this series, who would it be?

I’d want to play the private investigator role. It would’ve been fun to apply pressure on Georgia and try to unravel everything she’s tried to keep hidden.

What has been the most memorable experience of your career so far?

Honestly, I love every single day I get to work on set. I love the hustle and high energy it demands. I am always at work an hour before my call time and love sitting outside my trailer watching the sunrise. My most memorable experiences are being able to work back-to-back days. The moment when most people start to feel tired is when I’m usually most energetic, and I love pushing myself every day.

Who have been the most interesting people you’ve met so far?

The most interesting people I have met come from my experiences outside the film industry. The people I meet traveling, in tiny corners of the world. The stories from their life experiences captivate me. Their struggles, joys, and memories they share become highlights in my mind. Every person is interesting in their unique way, especially when you sit to listen.

How active are you on social media?

I am active on major platforms to communicate with my fans. If I wasn’t working in this industry, I’d have no social media.

What are your future plans Inside your career or out of it.

I am constantly striving to become the best version of myself. Every day I try to learn something new and grow or stretch myself. Those have been my habits for a long time and are now a part of who I am. I believe that one day a very special role will come my way. When that day comes, plans for my career will shape themselves.

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