Introducing Miss Eco International Australia: Naomie White

Naomie White was born into a multicultural family – Her mother is of Filipino and Spanish descent, while her father is of English, Kashmirian, Irish and French descent. Being born into a colourful plethora of ethnicities has taught her many life lessons and has exposed her to diverse cultural practices that have shaped her into what she is today. Another interesting fact about her is that she has a deep love for the subject of English. In fact, during high school, she completed four English units – three English classes a day and focused on poetry, where she created her final project and came second out of all of New South Wales.

Naomie then went on to study at the University of Technology – she has a degree in Design in Fashion and Textiles, where she particularly enjoyed Eco-friendly fashion and screen printing. After her University studies, she wanted to challenge herself. She decided to jet off to the Philippines for three months to compete in a pageant close to her heart, Miss Earth Philippines, where she placed as a semi-finalist. She eventually followed her deep-rooted passion for travelling; hence she took a risk and applied as a flight attendant. Luckily she was accepted, and she has been blessed to have travelled to every tip of Australia as well as a wide variety of countries because of her occupation. When Covid-19 hit the world though, she became uninspired, and that’s when she decided to reconnect with things she loved. That’s when she entered Miss Earth Australia, where she came first runner-up. This major achievement led to her being appointed as Miss Eco International Australia by Stargazer Production.

StarCentral Magazine recently caught up with Naomie to discuss her latest title, and here’s what went down:

How do you feel about representing Australia in Miss Eco International?

I was only made aware that I had been appointed Miss Eco International Australia about two months from the competition date, so I felt great excitement and momentum. With a bit of background context, I have always dreamt and worked towards competing at an International level for pageantry. Being bestowed this fantastic opportunity has put me on cloud nine. Representing Australia, on top of this, is an incredible honour as Australia is not only my country of birth but a place where both my parents immigrated and started their lives of new beginnings, which is significant to me. Team that with the Australian Culture, which is so rich and full of wonderfully unique aspects. I would love to bring this culture to Egypt and share and intertwine it with the Egyptian Culture during my Miss Eco International journey with fellow candidates and everyone I meet.

What can we expect from you as you prepare for the competition?

With two months to go, there is a lot I want to bring to the table in terms of the competition. The first thing I would like to bring are Australia’s beautiful and special features, customs, and values through my interaction with the pageant. I will use my social media platform to spread awareness of environmental concerns among different countries through my voice. As a beauty queen, I have a valued voice, especially among young women, that we can instill change among the masses. I will be creating Vlogs and Youtube videos on how we, as individuals, can spark change and create a movement in that we have the power invested within us to create change. Also, through my travels as a flight attendant, through word of mouth, and the vast plethora of people, of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences, I am able to spread by word of mouth the theme of environmental awareness. An example of this will be explaining to passengers why we only use biodegradable coffee cups even for water when travelling into Perth, as Perth bans single-use plastics or make it evident that we separate our recycling from other wastes via a separate compartment while collecting rubbish on the aircraft. I also practice environmentally friendly practices such as making sure I use a keep-cup, use waste-reducing options such as toothpaste tablets and pack my clothes in biodegradable packing cubes for my layovers to carry to exercise an eco-conscious inspiration for others to follow. Those are only efforts of many to come to name a few that I, as your Miss Eco International Australia, will be undertaking and developing during my Miss Eco International journey.

Photo Credit: Pedro Virgil

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