Sexiest Man of the Month for November 2012

There is no denying that Christopher Côté, StarCentral Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Month for November 2012 is “exceptionally attractive.”  But “I don’t carry myself with my beauty.” The 19-year old stays grounded with the help of the love of his family (“…my family and my friends…don’t see me as the industry does”) and “I am honest with myself and the flaws I know I have.”

Photo by: Kevin Moore

Discovered via Model Mayhem by Lamont Pinckney of Crew Models International, Christopher has survived the competitiveness of the modeling industry and gained experience on the runway, appeared on magazine covers, and more.  Thoroughly enjoying his time as a model and the friends that he’s gained all over the world through the industry, the French-Canadian from Quebec City admits that “…modeling is a challenge, every day you have to stay healthy, in good shape and strong mentally.” But for him, all the effort was worthwhile to be able to work with “…amazing photographers such as Kevin Moore, NJ Claude and Perry Senecal.”

Photo by: NJ Claude

“The most valuable thing I have learned is perseverance. I don’t give up, I take my time to plan so one day I will be a top male model.”  With the full support of his family (“…my Mom is my No.1 fan!”) behind him, Christopher plans “…to go to college and study business…and perhaps later work within the business side of the industry.” The combination of beauty and a hard-work ethic (in addition to modeling, Christopher also works at a local gym and goes to school!) is obviously a winning one. Christopher Côté definitely has a long career ahead of him.

Photo by: Perry Senecal

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