Sexiest Man of the Month for September 2014!

StarCentral Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Month for September 2014, Johnny Cadenas, started modelling about two years ago.  His photos were taken at a professional studio and they were put online – across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in his city and workplace. His popularity grew and he gained many fans. Jonny loves modelling because he gets to do new things, meet new people, and gain more friends.

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The 24-year old likes being able to play different roles each time – it’s like being an actor, but harder, since the static expression of modelling takes a lot to accomplish. The story is all in the way you must carry yourself and your wardrobe (or the lack of it), in a set environment.  He’s found, like many in the industry, that the downside to modelling is that some people judge you for your appearance, rather than your emotions. Some people always find negative points which can be demotivating.


His most memorable career experience happened at the beginning of it, when he had his first professional photos taken for a portfolio. Everyone thought he was already a professional model, and that was when he knew that he really wanted to become one. Through his career, he’s found fans to the most interesting people, as their opinions about modelling vary and seldom contain prejudice or biases. This makes Jonny enthusiastic about his choice to enter the modelling world, and without them he believes that he would not have a career.


The Venezuela-born, Dublin-based hunk is still quite new to the modelling industry, but he has learnt that determination is the key – to never give up on a thing makes you accomplish a lot.  Hard work and constant discipline go a long way to achieving your dreams. He understands that working in an industry whose only emphasis is on the outside characteristics of a person may seem challenging, however he respects that everyone has an opinion. The self-confessed dog lover and frequent volunteer for charity admits that he has been lucky in his career so far, and that his fans, friends and family (who have all been very supportive), has kept him going.

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As much as Johnny loves modelling (he also has a Bachelor’s degree in Management), his long term goal is to be an actor.  Most actors began their career by modelling, by developing their confidence in photo shoots, and learning how to look good, knowing all about their different angles and how to use them before a camera.  He hopes that by building on this foundation, he will soon find himself embarking on that film career.

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