StarCentral Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year: Matt Maud


Do your job with 100% effort and passion. These are the wise words of StarCentral Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year, Matt Maud. His great work ethics have clearly made him deserving of all the modelling breaks that he is getting. Though, penetrating the glamorous industry was not difficult for him, the amount of work that he had to put in to every project was incredibly huge. Matt never complained though. In fact, he learned to accept the nature of his art and use it to his advantage.

Matt started his modelling career like a walk in the park. He did not have to go to tedious auditions like most aspiring models do. Instead, when he was just six years old when he got signed to a modelling agency named Munchkins, which was owned by his Aunt. This is not to say that everything was a bed of roses for him because although his starting point was easy, the journey was different. It involved hard work, motivation, pain and sacrifice. Matt had his own share of ups and downs which he was able to handle impressively well.


Modelling may look glamorous but it also has its downside. For Matt, it is the lack of sleep and the fact that the work load can sometimes become too demanding. He has grown mature over the years and this helps him learn different ways to deal with it, like staying humble, being thick-skinned and strong-minded.

When asked about his most memorable experience as a model, Matt shares his achievement working as a full time model in Milan and China back in the day. It was 100 times tougher for him but he grew a lot from that opportunity, especially because it allowed him to meet many interesting people from various places.


Admirably, he said that more than the fame and recognition, it’s really the deeper surface of modelling that inspires him to work more. He loves to show the different sides of his personality and modelling as an art for him, is a perfect medium to be creative.

Matt’s future plans are not only focused in this industry alone. He also hopes to get into acting and will be releasing a music album by the end of the year. With a very supportive family behind his back and an enormous passion to fulfill his dreams, there is no reason for Matt to stop.



  1. Last good movie I’ve seen. Wolf of Wall Street. Leo is an absolute boss. His acting skills are insane.
  2. What do you consider beautiful and why? Someone who speaks the truth and is loving and caring no matter who you are. Someone who understands that every human is connected and we are all here for one reason, to share the love.
  3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? Travel the world. There are 100 things that I haven’t done yet that I want to do.
  4. Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear, I’d…” and tell us why. If I had no fear, life wouldn’t be worth living. Fear motivates me to conquer anything that I am scared to do.
  5. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? I don’t like to have flaws in my life. I’m always trying to better myself every single day.

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