Sexiest Man Of The Month: Jake Buratti

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“The more auditions you would go for, the more comfortable you would become with yourself.” Jake, StarCentral Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Month for the Month of May, is certainly not lying as his confidence becomes evident in every acting project that he does. He favoured acting more than any other profession. Like a true artist at heart and at a very young age, he went his way and began exploring the diversity of his God-given talent.

This passionate lad had been wanting to act ever since he can remember, and when the opportunity knocked, he opened his arms and submitted himself to different auditions and roles. He started working in the industry at the age of 18, and has been unstoppable since then.

Undoubtedly, acting is one of the most influential platforms for creativity and Jake has embraced it without hesitation. He delights in the fact that he can connect with the audience and at the same time, take them in his journey in every character that he portrays. “Acting is the most amazing job in this world”, he shares while relating to the beautiful aspect of the industry. Clearly, he enjoys having the chance to play different characters and exploring various emotions, while deeply investing in the process of how those characters developed.

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Though his field can oftentimes separate him from his loved ones, Jake assures that without the support of his family and friends, he wouldn’t be where he is right now. ‘My parents are my biggest fans!” he adds.

Jake counts on them to keep him grounded. There was confidence in his words when he mentioned how lucky he is for having the opportunity to pursue his dream and he  will never forget the strong support system that his loved ones has built for him.

His winning attitude absolutely rewards him with so many memorable memories and experiences. He once moved to Singapore to perform for the Universal Studios and he is currently taking singing lessons after being chosen for his first musical show. If he is reaping the fruit of his hard labour, Jake definitely has a lot of people to thank for. This includes the lifelong friends he met along the way within the industry and other interesting personalities from different walks of life, who made an impact to him by leaving different valuable lessons that he can lean on not only as an artist, but more importantly, as an individual.

Jake Buratti

Jake recalls the first time he tried auditioning. He was so nervous and feeling stupid that he might forget his lines. Now he just laughs it out. It was very far and different from the artist that we now know him of. His passion does not stop there. In the future, he hopes to continue performing, doing and seeking what he loves, and harnessing the talent that brings him to the industry. As he branches out to musical acting, Jake expresses his excitement to see how his future in Musical Theatre will look like.


  1. Last good movie I’ve seen. I actually, literally just got back from seeing Fast & Furious 7. I really enjoyed it!
  2. What do you consider beautiful and why? That’s a tough one. Some really great advice I was told was that ‘Everything is beautiful, but beautiful isn’t everything.’
  3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? I’ve always really wanted to dive with Great White Sharks, and I’ll hopefully be doing it at the end of the year! (in a cage of course).
  4. Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear, I’d…” learn to sleep with the light off.
  5. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? I’m actually really very goofy and do some very silly things, although I’m not sure if that’s really a flaw.

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